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Welcome to Jaded!!
We are a very active raiding guild on the Kael'Thas server. Even though we are a raiding guild, we do other things as well. We are looking for mature, open-minded players who are just as willing to learn as they are to offer ideas and input. We are willing to accept casual players, players who are new to WoW, or new to the current expansion, as long as they fit with our guild. We like to look at our guild as an ever-expanding, yet close and well functioning family.
We are open to recruiting for raiders, but please understand that at this time we CANNOT guarantee you a set spot in a raid group. If you are interested in joining us, please know that you might have to be patient when it comes to getting a raid spot. Please note, we are an 18 and up guild. In order to get into Jaded, you need to complete and submit an application on this website as well as talk to a recruitment officer in vent and/or chat in-game.


1.) What days/times do you raid?
We have 3 progression style raid groups:
Group 1: 8/14 Heroic SoO... Due to recruiting issues, group 1 is done for the expansion.
Group 2: Fri, Sun, and Mon 7:30-10pm CST. Currently 1/14 SoO Heroic. This group uses a need before greed loot system.
Group 3: Tues, Wed, Thurs 7pm-9pm CST This group is currently 13/14 SoO. This group uses a need before greed loot system.
2.) Are you recruiting for specific raid groups?
Group 2 is FULL, but always open to applications for standby members.Please note: when recruiting for this group, a trial period is needed to see how well you fit with the current group makeup.

Group 3 is currently accepting applications for standby members.

All groups are open to having standby's which will be rotated in the raid however the raid leader sees fit. These standby's will also serve as set replacements when someone else from the group is missing. If you are interested in being a standby or a spot in either group, please apply.

3) What are you raiding?
Currently, we are raiding MoP current content (SoO) as well as the occasional old school achieve runs & such. Raids other than current content are based upon the interest of the guildies. We also run SoO Flex mode when there is enough interest, and anyone familiar with the fights is welcome to join!

4) What are your requirements for raiding?
Requirements vary based on the raid leader and what content the group you're interested in is doing. Once you are in the guild, it is best to contact the raid leader of the group you are interested in to see what they need from you.
For all raid groups DBM is required and Omen is suggested.
Currently, each raid group distributes loot through the need before greed system. Need for main spec, Greed for off-spec, Pass on everything else.

We also ask that you be dedicated to your raid group, which means you must get your raid leader's consent before pugging your main raiding toon with another group or guild.

When we are recruiting for raiders, we look for competent raiders who have the time to dedicate to a weekly raid group, and those who want to better themselves as raiders. We do not want raiders that wish to be carried through content. We expect everyone to show the same amount of dedication to keep things fair. People who do not consistently show up, or come prepared accordingly will be replaced with someone more dedicated. With all that being said, we do fully understand that real life comes FIRST, all that we ask is that you let us know ahead of time, if at all possible, that something is coming up which may interfere with your raid group.

Please keep in mind we let the raid leaders run their respective group. So yes, we do have hardcore raids and casual raids. So depending on the style of raid you enjoy, we most likely have a group that will fit those needs--if there is a spot available in that group. Occasionally the behavior tolerated in a raid is completely different than what is tolerated in the general atmosphere of the guild, so please know to keep it separate.

5) Will you take casual players/lowbies?
We will absolutely take casual players, but we are transitioning out of taking new players with very low level alts unless you have the intention of leveling those toons fully, with the acception of alts of those with already higher level toons. We want our members to be active, with the intent to better themselves and the guild. This is not a place to bring a level 20 toon and then leave it behind. Any toons in the guild that have been inactive for longer than 3 months will be removed.

6) Can I bring my family/friend/significant other over to the guild with me?
YES! We highly encourage it, actually! We want our guild to be a place you can come online and have fun, so the more peeps the merrier :) However, please keep in mind that we have an age minimum of 18 years old and up in Jaded.

7) Can I bring my alts over if I get in?

8.) What are the perks of being in <Jaded>? Heres a list of things you can look forward to upon joining:
*Vent (info upon interview/joining)
*Full Guild Website Access
*Guild Facebook Group
*Guild level perks (we are currently a level 25 guild)
*Achievement runs
*Guild Events
*Guild groups running heroics (all the time)
*Guild LFR's (for fun/practice)
*Priority when it comes to raiding/running heroics/achievement runs/anything else (we ALWAYS prefer to take guildies over pugs.)
*A Helpful, fun, quirky family to play with. :)

Are you interested in joining us? 'Cause we're certainly interested in having you!

You have TWO options to apply to us with:
1) you can apply through this website, and you will be contacted in game via a recruitment officer on the character you applied with.
2) You can contact Gefaustet, Wangfun, Mudang, Pawsea, Mersea, or Visions in game.

We're looking forward to meeting you!

-Jaded :)